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Participant Information

JumpStart NYC will help participants examine their skills in a start-up environment. JumpStartNYC will also hold regular opportunities for network expansion, and we will focus on effective networking. JumpStart NYC is sponsored by the NYC Economic Development Corporation and SUNY Levin Institute. At this time, there is no cost to participants.

JumpStart NYC consists of:

  • A five day intensive boot camp at SUNY Levin to re-orient talent in order to succeed in small company environments. Participants will learn through presentations, simulations, and dialog about the entrepreneurial economy in New York and the expectations of venture-financed firms. Students will assess personal working style, strengths, and weaknesses, aiming to deliver value in a new context.
  • 10-12 week action-learning project in a firm, including digital media, financial and other services, IT, and new sectors like green finance. In some cases these projects could turn into continuing assignments - full or part time. Participating firms have included: Idleaire, Department of City Administrative Services (DCAS), Windowfarms, CreativeWorx Technology, New York Hedge Fund Roundtable, Literary Assistance Center, MediaGlobal, MediaMerx, Media Morph, Speaklike Translation, Cluster Seven, and many others.
  • Bi-weekly updates and networking events with peers and NY business people. SUNY Levin will hold regular meetings, and involve the participants in Levin networking opportunities. All SUNY Levin educational programs involve guided networking as a crucial element, and our graduates testify that this is a prime advantage of their SUNY Levin experience. SUNY Levin students are taught how to effectively network in New York, and to use this to advance their careers. SUNY Levin’s strategy involves institutional partnerships to broaden participants’ networks. One month before the program’s conclusion, a day-long session will target “How I deliver value,” to maximize their chance of success of landing a position.

Curriculum topics for the boot camp: (Click here to view a sample curriculum)

– Identify and articulate personal value propositions

– Innovation and transformation of NYC industries: patterns and opportunities

– The world of the Venture Capitalist: financing and growing small businesses in NYC

– Getting it done: bridging the knowing/doing gap during times of uncertainty and disruption


Please contact JumpStart NYC for more information.



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