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Project Information

JumpStartNYC is a unique and excellent program. The program helps experienced professionals explore new opportunities in New York’s entrepreneurial, arts, new media, and/or green sectors. Host companies/organizations benefit from the skills, wisdom, and experience of a motivated professional.  After a one-week bootcamp, participants spend 10 weeks as a consultant on a project of importance to the host company or organization.

In the past, JumpStartNYC consultants created new financial models, developed effective investment materials, explored new business areas, helped CEOs to better understand their business processes, and got rave reviews from their host companies.  Many of them continue to work with these firms on paid engagement following up their initial projects.

The JumpStartNYC participants (or consultants):

  • Uniquely talented resource, with a wide range of skills and background.
  • “Hit-the-ground-running” skill and attitude delivered great value. 
  • CEOs said: “brilliant,” “very valuable,” “great communicators,” “uniquely knowledgeable.”
  • Varied, featuring financial analysis, market development, new product launch, compliance, IT, operations, strategy, business and investment development. 
  • Clear scope of work sufficient to engage a professional for 10 weeks half-time. 
  • Challenging but achievable for an experienced professional in that time frame. 
  • A learning experience to add to the participants’ resume.

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Tejpaul Bhatia, CEO of Media Merx, one of our host companies, said it well.  “We found the best project to be formed by finding that place where the interests of the consultant and the company intersected.  This allowed us to explore a new market arena, while at the same time offering our consultant to explore a new skill set that he could bring to future opportunities.”


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