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The Levin Institute

Contact Us

SUNY Levin Institute

SUNY Global Center
116 East 55th Street
New York, New York 10022
Phone: 212-317-3500
Fax: 518-320-1577

Dr. Daniel J. Julius, Executive Director
Phone: 212-317-3572
Email Daniel Julius

Thomas Moebus, Deputy Director
Phone: 212-317-3570

Dr. Maryalice Mazzara, Director of Academic Affairs
Phone: 212-317-3560
Email Maryalice Mazzara

Michael DiGiacomo, JumpStart NYC Program Manager
Phone: 212-317-3520

Donna Russo, Project Manager, FastTrac
Phone: 212-317-3559
Email Donna Russo

Rebecca Smolar, Project Manager, Globalization101 and Global Workforce
Phone: 212-317-3566
Email Rebecca Smolar

Ellen Hunt, Project Director, Women Entrepreneurs and Investors
Phone: 212-317-3571


Confucius Institute for Business

Dr. Dong Sun, Confucius Institute for Business, Chinese Director
Phone: 212-317-3508
Email Dr. Dong Sun

Wenhong, Dai, Confucius Institute for Business, Teacher
Phone: 212-317-3528
Email Wenhong, Dai


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