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The Levin Institute
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Academic Offerings

International Relations and Global Affairs Program, JFEW SUNY’s

We offer an intensive guided internship program with an opportunity to connect and network in New York City for undergraduate students from SUNY Binghamton and SUNY Story Brook. Participants start with a weeklong boot camp at SUNY Levin Institute to acculturate to New York City and build the skills necessary to succeed at their internship. We provide the connections to offer internship opportunities to those select few who are accepted into the program for a fully paid opportunity that is sponsored by the Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women of New York. Throughout the summer, there are continuing seminars offered on different skills and opportunities for connect with their cohort.

Global Workforce Project (SUNY Undergraduate Program)

Currently in its pilot phase, the global workforce project has been examining the necessity of integrating global skills in to the core curriculum in undergraduate setting. Through the use of an integrated curriculum, faculty from SUNY Brockport and SUNY Cortland has identified key areas for skills and knowledge undergraduate students need to better compete in the global economy. The modules cover 10 different issues. The project is funded by the largest Title VI grant and has excellent reviews.

New York International Finance and Leadership Summer Program (Graduate Program)

We offer a four week graduate level course offered in coordination with Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business. The course includes a rigorous academic component with a rich array of site visits, special events, and cultural activities.

Leadership and Global NGOs and Non-profits [SIT]

In partnership with graduate students enrolled in the School for International Training, we offer a Leadership in global non-profits and NGOs course that draw upon the knowledge of a variety of service organizations based in New York City so that students could understand how non-profits, NGOs and other service organizations work and what leadership and management skills are required to effectively run them. 

International Speaker Series

SUNY Levin Institute partners with international organizations to host a wide range of speakers from non-profits to business groups. The focus of the series is on international affairs and current issues in the global arena. Currently we have speakers co-hosted with the Canadian Consulate and with the government of Quebec.


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