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The Levin Institute
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About SUNY Levin Institute

The SUNY Levin Institute (the “Levin Institute” or “Levin”) promotes thoughtful educational engagement and an analysis of “globalization” and its impact on New York State.  The Levin Institute operates in the tradition of urban land-grant universities*—public institutions dedicated to addressing challenges of 21st century cities. The Levin Institute enhances public discourse, creates and disseminates knowledge, engages international, national and local partners, and develops and manages programs to support New York’s and the nation’s economic growth, sustainability and social vitality. The Levin Institute focuses on international involvement, entrepreneurism, innovation, scholarship, and workforce development. Levin Institute programs and activities reflect the following goals and objectives:

  • Serve SUNY students and faculty by making facilities and professional staff available, and integrate with SUNY institutions to develop and deliver academic programs that promote scholarship, foster economic development, and incubate new ideas;

  • Identify, create, and deliver programs and activities that promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth in New York State, with particular emphasis on the New York metropolitan area;

  • Promote research and applied scholarship, public discourse and outreach opportunities to deepen knowledge, and respond to challenges and opportunities in the global economy;

  • Foster global and collaborative relationships among institutions of higher education, foundations, and organizations in the public, private, and not for profit sectors;

  • Deliver programs that enhance economic and cultural ties between the U.S. and the People’s Republic of China through the management of the SUNY Confucius Institute for Business (CIB).


* Comprehensive public institutions originally chartered by federal legislation.


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